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Why has my gardening question not appeared on this page although I have asked it twice, on 20th and 21st May. What am I doing wrong?



Do you mean the question about your rowan tree's white spots? They're both on here. The second time of asking that I can find (today, 22nd May) it is the question above this one.
First time it appears is here -

I see you refer in that question to having asked before but it didn't show up. After you press the "Ask your question" button you do have to wait quite a time for the question to upload. Perhaps you thought it had finished before it had and interrupted it? That's only a guess.

It is on here now & that's what counts. And sorry, I don't know what lurgy your rowan's got. "Rowanpox"?

Where are you? Someone in Bristol /Bath are has had problems. Maybe this will help?

22 May, 2011

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