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planted my apple tree, been in February no signs of growth or any movement. No flowers or buds,please help,I've feed it the feeds even miracle grow.
the apple tree is braeburn (don't know the other name)as I have noticed other varities. I have put it straight into the ground with a good feed of high potash feed. I bought it from my local morrisons. How can I tell if it's dead or not.



Hi Newgardener and welcome to GoY. Could you amend your profile to show the county you are in - will help us to give you better answers. For example I couldn't have planted an apple tree in February where I live!

You say 'no signs of growth or movement' does the tree even have leaves? What size is it? How did you plant ground or container? What sort of soil do you have?

If there aren't even any leaves you need to scrape away a bit of the bark to see if there is green underneath. If there isn't it is very likely that your tree is dead.

22 May, 2011


There isn't any point in feeding it when it isn't growing. I would be very surprised if it comes into leaf now - even the ash and the oak are in full leaf and they are usually last. Most apples have flowered by now. Sad, but if you only bought it in February I would go back to where you bought it and tell them.

22 May, 2011


Steragram our ash tree is just starting to leaf up. It depends where Newgardener is in the UK.

23 May, 2011

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