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Does anybody know where can I buy a Picea pungens ‘Niemitz’. Thanks



I don't know, but Bluespruce is the person to ask!

21 May, 2011


Thanks for your response Karen. I should have been more specific regarding the question and clarify where to buyit whitin USA. How do I get in touch with Bluespruce ? Thanks for your time

21 May, 2011


Put his screen name in the search box, above, and view what comes up, looking for his avatar. Click on the avatar, and when his page comes up, click on "Leave a private message". He is based in the UK, so he may not know either. Sadly, Blue Spruce--the tree, not the gardener!--won't grow where I live, so I myself couldn't tell you which suppliers are good. Simple googling may give you your best chance, but I would ask for references.
One recommendation that I have, is that, if you are gardening in northern Argentina, rather than Patagonia, that Blue Spruce is much more likely to work at higher elevations--above 1230 meters--much as they do in my native Arizona.

22 May, 2011


Thanks Tugbrethil. I am gardening in the Buenos Aires area which is pretty much sea level but Abies , Piceas and Conifers in general seem to like it so they are doing pretty well. It is true that we help by working a lot on the soil, improving PH and being carefull with watering. Since Blue Spruce, the gardener, lives in UK I agree he might not know either. I found a big nursery in OR, Iseli Nursery, very big in Abies and Piceas. Problem is that they do not sell to consumers, only garden centers and nurseries. I will be back in PA in February so I need to find out who carries Iseli products in that area so I can bring back some with me to Argentina. The odd thing is that web page does not include a retailer info. By the way, it is a magnificent web to visit based in the amount of info and pictures they display. Thanks again

22 May, 2011


Aahh, those cool sea breezes--buenos aires, si?
I didn't think of that possibility, though I should have. Blue Spruces will grow in San Diego, though not in my home town, Phoenix.

23 May, 2011

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