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Can i buy a weed killer that will not kill of my acer tree below the tree are weed's the tree is surrounded in gravel with the weed's dandolin's seedlings are growing regular but dont know what i could do i have tried burning them with a torch but they come back very quickley.Thanks Gillianm



You could use a weedkiller that uses glyphosate. Roundup is one example. This sort of weedkiller is sprayed carefully onto the leaves as it is absorbed through them. You need to spray just the weed leaves on a dry still day as if it is windy the wind could blow the weedkiller onto leaves on plants you want to keep. You need to pick a day when it's not going to rain, as it needs to be dry for at least 6 hours after you spray the weeds or the weedkiller will wash off. It takes a couple of weeks for the plants to die and weeds with big roots may need to be sprayed again if they regrow.

21 May, 2011


...I have spent a long, long time researching a similar problem...., in France, there is a weed killer for orchards ...'s called,... 2,4D (dimethylamine salt).

Am in the process of using it...nothing to report yet!

21 May, 2011

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