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Hi guys Its me again,I have finnished building mt raised beds.Unfortunatly i must import topsoil the supplyer would be Dandys,They recommend bordermix topsoil.It contains a well rotted spent mushroom compost,And is said to be 50% 5mm topsoil and 50% organic horse and chicken famyard manure.And is said to have a ph of about 6 to 5 slightly on the acidic side.Will this suit my needs,I want to plant shade loving flowers ect. Thanks in advance for any and all help supplied.CHEERS



You have a wide choice of woodland plants at that pH. If you should want to plant any chalk lovers you can always make a pocket of chalk or lime soil for them. If you find you do need some more neutral areas you can always lime it. It sounds as if its going to have good texture and fertility so you are off to a good start. Small azaleas would probably do well.

20 May, 2011


Hi Steragram,Thankyou for your help about my topsoil,Regarding my choice of plants to use i will post question as soon as i am ready.Thankyou again Cheers

2 Jun, 2011

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