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Has anyone else been disappointed with the quality of plants delivered by JS Parker and their lack of customer service? Half of what they supplied was dead, they don't reply to emails and I'm wondering whether this is normal or just my bad luck??



plants are very variable , bulbs are better. I usually ring customer service and they are helpful and replace the dead ones. I try not to be shirty and the response from them is ok .
a bit of a pain when the plants are poor. I work on 1/3 of each plant being duff and work on the price accordingly. Some are just not worth getting. Monarda this yr have been brill, stokseia 50:50 and dicentra 150% [3 roots instead of 2!]

20 May, 2011


They are rubbish for plants - they arrive in a dreadful state then claim they are fine. I just took lots of pics & included them in emails to them. All they do is replace them - so if more than half die each time, it takes 3 deliveries before you get up to the number you originally ordered. I will never use them again.

20 May, 2011


I was disappointed by several mail order companies last year, so have been buying in the garden centre again. You can just walk away if the quality's rubbish.

20 May, 2011


not happy with them at all.they have sent replacements they are just as bad .i give up now lol.

20 May, 2011


I may use Parkers for bulbs but tend to give them a wide berth for plants. Cheap prices but poor or very small plants

20 May, 2011


My bulbs were fine but the blueberry needed a magnifying glass!

20 May, 2011


i ordered 3o large lilies this year from daily telegraph when they arrived i found they were from parkers and not left in the place i had asked for by a person in a scruffy hatchback and was disappointed very small and one of the packets was mouldy so i called them they changed them so ok but would never use these type companies again ............its like ordering shoes postal order dont do it!

21 May, 2011

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