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By Akha

What is the cost of dicentra scandens (Yellow flower) root - per 100 gram. I'd like to buy.

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this site doesn't sell or supply plants, though there is a link through to Crocus, which does - price depends on the supplier you find.

19 May, 2011 has this plant in a 2L pot for £7.00. I did not know there was such a thing as a climbing Bleeding Heart. To buy in 100g quantities I think you are looking for seed not roots.

19 May, 2011


You could buy 100 g of root, Scotsgran. We buy ginger root by weight, and potatoes, of course....

19 May, 2011


You can buy both of those in the supermarket Beattie. I have yet to see perennial plants especially the rarer one sold by root weight. I stand to be corrected though. I was wondering if Akha was in to growing plants as that way it would pay a nursery to buy 100g of seeds.That is a lot of seeds unless they are very heavy. In old money a 100g is 4oz. That would be a hefty root too would it not. Maybe it is edible? Do get back and tell us Akha.

19 May, 2011


I have just googled this to see what would come up. Dicentra Scandens is now reclassified as Dactylocapnos.

19 May, 2011


Seems that buying it as a root would be best - doesn't do well in pots and looks tatty fairly quickly, so buying the roots at the right time of year is probably best.

19 May, 2011


It is interesting to hear you say that Bamboo. I did not come across anyone offering roots for sale. I did find out that one nursery would describe it as tender and another that it was hardy even in frost pockets. Yet a third site said there are several different ones. Some have purple or white flowers. There are 2 yellow ones which are almost indistinguishable butonegrows 1m x 1m and the other grows severalmetres tall. One flowers for a short time the other from Spring through most of the summer. It is nice to come across plants you were unaware of.

19 May, 2011

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