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ive got a four trunked sort of palm tree about ten foot high during the bad winter during a storm all the leaves were torn off it took about ten years to grow to its height will its leaves grow back or shall i dig it up and replace i live in uk near newcastle any help would be greatly appreciated cheers



The leaves only came off because the plant had been damaged by the severe weather conditions during winter. go out and inspect the plant from top to bottom, all the trunk/s from the base to the top. you're looking for anything odd, like soggy, oozing, blackened, smelly, cracked, soft areas, anything like that. You'll probably find the tops are soft and a bit mushy, but wherever the lowest area of damage shows, cut below that point, even if that's right at the base. Then just wait - the plant may produce new growth from the roots at the base, or anywhere up any remaining trunk.

18 May, 2011

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