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I have a large number of banana plants growing in the garden, they all are descendants of one plant bought at the Eden Project 10+ yerars ago. They have survived the last two particularly cold winters in Hampshire, but this year all the plants large and small have very yellow leaves. They are presumably missing (at least) one important nutrient.

What should I do to regain their normal lush green leaves?



Amazing they came through the winter outside - feed with a general purpose fertilizer - Miracle Gro general purpose should be fine, or Vitax Q4

18 May, 2011


Thanks. They die back in bad winters, but are prolific in generating new shoots. We`ve given dozens away, you just cut them out with a spade, and providing you get a few roots, they unfailingly prosper. We actually had blooms and bananas on one plant a couple of years ago. The bananas were only the size of a childs finger, and I believe the ones from these hardy bananas, are inedible.
I have tried cossetting them with straw/fleece in the winter, but concluded that the extra `windage` from the bulky insulation, was doing more damage to the stem than the frost. Thanks again, for the advice.

18 May, 2011

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