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what is the please is it bad

On plant dont know


Answers looks like a member of the Bistort family(Polygonaceae), but I can't place it any closer than that.

18 May, 2011


I dont think the leaves are right for Polygonaceae. Could this be from the Taraxacum Dandelion family?

18 May, 2011


It looks like a type of Dock (Rumex crispus) to me - the stock is the flowering part that spreads their seeds. In the background it looks like some Pineapple weed and some Jacobs Ladder, though it is difficult to give a definitive answer from a pic.

18 May, 2011


Just dig it out - it should have a big tap root, so get it all out if you can. Its definitely a weed, but not a serious one like Knotweed.

18 May, 2011

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