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Thanks for your comments on growing tomatoes in pot. I also have a problem with japnese knotweed it is growing through a lot of other plants. I have tried digging it out before but it keeps coming back. I don't want to use weedkillers for the sake of other plants and wildlife. Has anyone any suggestions?



You have no choice but to use weedkiller - Knotweed is classed as an imported Noxious Weed and attempts should be made to eradicate it wherever it occurs. There is no effective treatment for it other than persistence - usual method is to drip Round up or neat glyphosate inside the cane like stems having cut the tops off, and repeating that every 4 to 6 weeks. Alternatively, there are companies who profess to be able to kill it off or remove it in some way, no idea how much they charge.
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17 May, 2011


What did you do with the Japanese knotweed you dug out? It spreads from the tiniest piece of root.

It will take at least three years to get rid of the Japanese Knotweed. Our council (Cornwall) has a very useful leaflet about it. You can see a copy online if you go to

and select "Guidance for identification and control"
in the centre, a little way down the page.

I see from other sites that stem injection is best carried out in June.

17 May, 2011


Oh, poor really have my sympathies. It's horrible having to do battle every day in a place which is normally a haven. I have no advice other than an acquaintance claims to have gotten rid of it by constantly digging it up for two or three years. I hope you find a solution.

17 May, 2011

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