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my camellias leaves have curled up and it looks like it is is in a pot.what do you think it might be?



mine has done the same and from what i remember there was someone else who had the same problem im wondering if there is a virus or bug thats doing it , has anyone on g.o.y any thought on this, has any one else had this problem, mine has died

15 May, 2011


There is, apparently, something which is affecting Camellias here this year - I haven't yet done any research, but I think the RHS might have some info on it. This assumes you've been doing the obvious, which is watering well.

15 May, 2011


thanks bamboo mine is dead, but yes i did keep it watered,and the roots cool, right compost, it came through the bad winter it was covered in fleece it had grown well but then all of a sudden the leaves started curling and going brown , that made me think it could be a virus

16 May, 2011


Well I've had a good look, but can find no reference to the suggestion I saw on here recently that there's a new problem with Camellia, so can't verify or not. Did you check for scale insect? There's an awful lot of that about this year, and they do like a Camellia to infest...

16 May, 2011


thanks bamboo, i did look but could not see anything but the eyesight is not too good , maybe i missed something

16 May, 2011


Sunlight and the right glasses helps, I find, the more light the better. Check the undersides of the leaves and the stems and branches.

16 May, 2011


thanks for all your advice bamboo

17 May, 2011

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