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ive got foxtail lilies planted in large pots against a west facing wall they are sprouting but because of the shade of the house only receive half of the days sun do you think this enough to get them to flower? if i take them to the front of the garden by the street to get all day sun there is no protection there from west winds ect.

On plant Eremurus robustus



they need direct sun more in the afternoon and evening according to the book I have. staking is an answer to the windy site.

14 May, 2011


The wind should not be a problem, but they,re not keen on early morning sun, if they,re west facing do they get the sun until sunset? if so that will probably be enough for them to flower.
Can you plant them in the garden instead of pots? they like a well drained loam, with the crowns planted about 6" deep with an annual mulch of old manure.

14 May, 2011


i have heavy clay so outside in the garden no not really............... not sure your right about crowns being 6" deep never heard of this everyone says just below soil surface 1" at most and my plants were left "naked" in the garage on a shelf until they started to rot so they must be kept very dry in winter i suggest they still sprouted though when i moved them to a dryer place maybe my garage is not well ventilated and Monty don king gardener and heart flutterer told us on gardeners world this year to plant on large pots and bring inside in the winter

14 May, 2011


sorry yes they do get sun from lunchtime until sunset

14 May, 2011

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