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I have a new tree fern to replace a perished one last winters ice, i had used insulation over the whole plant and pot and still it appeared scorched ? completley gone and i wish to prevent my new fabulous plant from a similar demise, can you tell me how or what to use ? (cloth & bubble used before)




You could try lots of straw stuffed into the crown and then all the fronds tied together, and then wrapped in hessian, this should give you a fair degree of protection.

14 May, 2011


Fact of the matter is, if we keep having winters like the last two every year, the days when we could happily grow this kind of plant will be over - the only way to be sure it will survive a really bad winter is to move it into a greenhouse. Bubble wrap and double fleecing and packing the crown will help, but last year was so bad, it wouldn't have been enough. On the other hand, maybe we'll revert to our more 'normal' winters from now on.

14 May, 2011

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