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can i grow wysteria from root cuttings



thank you rgds gbillett

13 May, 2011


I waited to see if someone with a Wisteria would answer your question. But a friend took root cuttings so yes you can - use damp well draining potting compost and dip the rooting end of the cutting into a rooting hormone szolution (optional) Use a pencil to make a hole in the compost and place the cutting in the hole and gently firm the compost. Keep it humid by placing a plastic cover over it
Place the pot where they will get indirect but good light. Check and water when dry to the touch. should be rooted in 5-7 weeks. Good luck.

14 May, 2011


Wisteria varieties are usually grafted onto wisteria sinensis rootstock, if you just grow w sinensis you may have to wait 20 years for it to flower, Iknow patience is a virtue but really!!!

14 May, 2011


Do you mean from seed and hard/soft wood cuttings Derek?

14 May, 2011


Drc726 you can take scions of the previous years wood from other varieties and graft onto W sinensis and put them in a propagating frame or mist propagator with bottom heat of 61deg f or you can layer W sinensis in may,they should root within a year, they can be grown from seed sown under glass in march or april at 50-55f,or you can take heel or nodal cuttings from the base of the current seasons wood in august again in a propagating frame or mist propagator at 61deg f.
either way it will take a while before they flower.
hope this helps, Derek

15 May, 2011

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