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Hi. I have a sloping front garden, full sun. My problem is that it was until recently covered in just a mass of weeds and long tall grass which the previous owner said that no matter how many times he cleared it it always camer back. So in my wisdom i made a small flat area at the top (terraced?) and then after weeding covered the mud slope with weed cover. I now need ideas of how to plant this. I understand that some evergreen shrubs (box, privet and heather) would be good as it needs winter cover. I wonder if perrennials can be planted into weed cover? Will they grow through again? Also the slope is such I cant put bark chippings down so could you suggest ground cover plants that can live on weed cover? Many thanks.



You cut through the membrane/weed cover and plant the plants into the soil beneath, any plant can be planted like that - perennials or shrubs.
Totally agree about the loose forms of mulch, they'd just slide away so - how about carpet roses, hebes, low growing pittosporum, cistus ..... heather's will need you to have acid soil there so check it is or they'll fail to thrive.

ANY shrubs would do, i would plant height ascendingly and then you'll have a really good effect.

13 May, 2011


Just remember that if you cut through the membrane, any perennial weeds will come through the opening, right up through your new plants!

14 May, 2011

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