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Good morning, can you advise me please I bought 2 fruit trees last year, Pear tree - Williams Bon Chretien, and a Braeburn apple tree. The pear tree around March time started showing a few curled up leaves & by end of April leaves started getting holes & I found a small caterpillar having a feast. There are quite a few on the tree so I used a natural insecticide a mix of onion,garlic,Cayenne Pepper,soap & water. The only thing that did was turn the rest of the leaves on the tree black & I still have caterpilars!!! It has not flowered so what do you suggest I do, should I remove all the leaves or should I spray it with something if so what would you suggest. The apple tree did flower & fruits are starting to show, but I do have signs of this caterpillar moving in on this one now. Look forward to your advice. Thank You.



The garlic etc. mix will prevent butterflies and moths from laying their eggs and I'm not sure how well it works on trees. It will not destroy the caterpillars once they are there. Either use a spray to kill them or pick them all off, your GC will be able to advise you on one you can use on a fruit tree.

13 May, 2011


Thank you Moon growe appreciate your help.

13 May, 2011


You are welcome Tina

13 May, 2011

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