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Problem with daisies: I've been growing these daisies (not sure of their real name) from cuttings taken last summer. Recently the bottom leaves turned yellow and dried out, and now the top leaves are looking unhealthy too, but in a different way, as on the photo. What have I done wrong, and what should I do now?




Are you watering well enough? They are in containers and against a white wall so will get dry very quickly especially as you guys have a drought.

12 May, 2011


It's a Marguerite, aka Paris Daisy (Argyranthemum frutescens). The thing bothering it is leaf miner, which looks quite different on plants with broader leaves. It is a tiny sawfly, whose tiny grubs eat out the tender cells between the top and bottom membrane of the leaves. The hard part is getting at the larvae there. I would use spinosad, but I understand that isn't available in the UK. That leaves only Provado to get inside the plant.

14 May, 2011


Thanks - looking at the leaves really close up I can see the tiny grubs in them. I'll give the Provado a go.

16 May, 2011

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