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dans quelle terre,exposition peut on cultiver les poppy welsh



I think you're asking what kind of soil and conditions to grow Welsh Poppy in - in its natural habitat, it prefers shady, dampish, but rocky/light soil. Will also grow in sunnier spots quite happily though.

10 May, 2011


Plant dans un sol humide, sans-drainé dans un endroit abrité à l'ombre tachetée. Aime des étés frais et humide.

10 May, 2011


Les miennes sont contents en un endroit assez sec at abrité la pupart du jour. Ils produisent beacoup de grains, et vous pouvez les essayer en plusiers endroits pour découvrir lequelle ils préfèrent.

11 May, 2011


Oh alright, you lot, I get it - you can answer in French and I can't, lol! Was I right in my interpretation of the question though?

12 May, 2011


Yes you were Bamboo :-)

12 May, 2011


Oh well, pat on the back for me then - my French runs to la plume de ma tante...

12 May, 2011


I actually learnt German in school but when I was in the wine trade for a number of years and visiting France found I could actually communicate. Would not want to have to do so for long now though... One thing I do wish is that we would ensure that all our children learn at least one foreign language and start as soon as they go to school, or even earlier. It is so much easier for young children to learn a language. We know binational couples who each spoke to the child in their own language from the word go. Result a bilingual child who isn't even aware that they are!

12 May, 2011


yep, I have a nephew with a French mother, so he switches from English to French with no trouble at all - in fact sometimes, he speaks half and half. Funny thing is, when he was younger, he'd speak to his father (English) in French and his mother (French) in English - awkward little blighter, lol!

12 May, 2011

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