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My Acer tree which is well established and in a pot has been very healthy but this year sme of the leaves looked scortched and there is white spots on the trunk which has not moved up the tree, some of the branhces look dead what could this be and how can I treat it before it completely dies off ?



Acer_002 Acer_002 Acer_003



looks like possibly been wind scorched this happened to mine moved mine to a more protected area and that did the job

9 May, 2011


Wind burn or lack of water

9 May, 2011


I agree with Moon Grower, I think I would cut the dead bits back, and give it a dilute liquid feed, and depending on how long it's been in the same pot, it may need moved on into a slightly bigger pot. It may also need moved to a more sheltered position as well, if that's possible!

9 May, 2011


'White spots on the trunk' could be scale insect infestation - I can't see them in the photos you've provided, so can't be sure. How big is the pot the plant is in?

10 May, 2011

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