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My daughter plants all of her fruit pips/stones in various pots around the garden. Can you please help me identify this tree which is now four years old, we think it is a plum but haven't a clue which one. Also the ants have always loved this tree - aphids i think, but this year there is something very strange growing on the branches.When I tried to scrape some off it turned into a white powder.

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My son used to do the same, we have his Cherry tree, its now about 17 or 18 years old, he is 26!!
What a lovely little tree, not sure what it is tho!
The bumpy things on the branch could be a form of scale, they feed on the sap and can cause leaves to yellow and the tree to lose its vigour.
My book says if only a few then you can rub off with a cloth and soapy water but may have to spray if there is alot.
Good luck with it!

9 May, 2011

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