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I am lookin for a Mahonia. Not the dark green sort but one where the leaves turn russet red on autumn winter and spring.
I have been told its a Mahonia aquifolium, but these don't grow higher than 3 ft and I want one that grows to 7 feet because it goes between us and a neighbour and I want the neighbour to have lovely colours to look at throughout the year.
Any ideas?
Also, please does anyone remember the Gardener's Question Time where they had a good solution to rats in the compost bin. I have at least a family there. Help.



Why don't you google the rats in the bin piece - and the Mahonia .....
Mahonia aquilfolium literature might say 3' high but i've seen them very very often up to 4', so i'd be inclined to get one - try it and prune to encourage height.
The purple leaved one is M. aquif. 'Atropurpurea'

6 May, 2011


Have a look at Mahonia Japonica. That might be the one you are looking for. I think thats the one I had years ago and it grew to about 7 feet tall and was bright red late in the year.

6 May, 2011


I know the one you mean - there is one down the road from me, its about five feet tall and has orange and yellow and reddish leaves all year. Its a picture and I would like one too, but I can't find it listed anywhere. Its not in the RHS book. I thought it was Orange Flame but the book says that only grows to 60cm so it can't be that. If you find it please let us know!

6 May, 2011


Thinking again, the one I had was Charity and it can get very big and changes colour too. I think have some for sale . Check Google images for it to see if thats what you want.

7 May, 2011


Charity is green all summer though, and the one I mean has lovely autumn colours right through the year. One of these days I'll be cheeky and ask the owners what it is - but as its in a rather neglected garden I would be surprised if they know...
Does anybody know how easy it is to grow from a cutting?

9 May, 2011

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