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My husband brought me my very first orchid, and I absolutely adore it. However, after blooming, I followed advice, and I cut above the second node. This was 6 months ago. No new stem grew, only a new leave popped out. What can I do?




Hi Thelma,
I have recently discovered orchids and have just sucessfully got 2 to re-flower. I also cut above the 2nd node on the stem but I also repotted mine and gave them an orchid feed (a small bottle of orchid food that you snip the top off and put in the pot near the roots.) I also water my orchids once a week but drain the water off straight away. Its only taken about 10 weeks for the orchids to flower again too.
Hope this helps, not sure what else you can do.

5 May, 2011


It depends on what type of orchid that you have.

Assuming that it's a Phalaenopsis.......
Had the old stem started going brown at the top or remained green? If it was still green, there's every chance that it would have started blooming again from the top after a period of rest. Has the stump that you have left gone brown, or is this still in the green? If it is still in the green, then it should produce a new spike at some point.

If it's producing a new leaf, then it's unlikely to bother blooming, although this is in no way a given.

Light and temperature also play a part. Phals dislike full sun and temps over 25 celsius as far as blooming goes.
Reduced levels of both of these can help to kick start the blooming process, but my advice is be patient. I've had to wait for two years before a couple of mine would rebloom, although they were producing lots of new leaves.

If it's not a Phal, tell us and we'll try to help.

6 May, 2011


Thank you Meanie. I do not know what type of orchid is is. But it is really pretty. Regarding the stems, yes, it has gone brown above the node, but the node itself is still green... I am going to try your advice regarding the temperature. The area where it was standing after I cut the stems, does not get any sun, and is very low lit. I am going to place it in an area where there is a little more light, but no direct sunligt.
Do you think it will work?
I will try to find out what type of orcid it is. Thank you very much for your help. I will be patient.

8 May, 2011


Hi Meanie.
I have looked at all the pictures on the website, and I definitely have a Phalaenopsis. I would appreciate any advice on what I can do!

8 May, 2011


Follow the advice above and be patient,

8 May, 2011

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