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By Kirkop

United Kingdom Gb

My nice lawn is being overun by mushrooms.Please can anybody give me advice on how to get rid of them.



If they are "mushrooms" you could try the old country trick of eating them ! midden

20 Oct, 2008


No, no, don't eat them.....unless you are positive they are the edible kind. Kirkop, your question has been asked many times before. Today after our first rains, my lawn was also covered by little mushies. I actually like them, but hubby had to mow the lawns as they need doing every 10 days or so and mowed them all away again! So either you do the same, dig them all up before they spore, or throw superphosphate on your lawn ( not too much or else it will burn ) and you won't have any next year.
As I said before to other members: I know this for a fact, as we had field mushrooms ( the edible kind ) in our paddocks on the farm, but since hubby spreaded super to improve fodder for our cattle, they all disappeared.

21 Oct, 2008


I don't think digging the mushies up would help - after all, they are just the fruiting body of the fungus - the 'plant' itself is spread about under the gound. As Marguerite says, I think improving your lawn would help - i.e. using fertilisers and maybe improving the drainage. Some mushies stem from old rotten wood underneath the surface - if you think that might be the case, then only an excavation will tell!

21 Oct, 2008


I know that many people have got fungi this year - including me! I am sure that it's the dratted weather's fault! Everywhere has got too wet.

21 Oct, 2008

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