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How best would you grow grass quickly on ground that has been compacted by building work (small extension in a normal flat garden)



Hi Jenny, I recently grew grass in a similar situation, I had a new patio laid and after the builders left I had little or no grass and solid soil. I raked out all of the stones etc, soaked the soil and raked raked raked until I had loosened it all, I then put down grass seed and covered with a light topsoil, once this was done all that was left for me was to water it everyday and wait, after 2 weeks I had a lovely new lawn, I mowed it on the highest mower setting week 3 and it is now looking fab, this is week 4. Quick and inexpensive but hard work. Hope this helps and good luck. Sharon

4 May, 2011


thank you, thats fantastic and much appreciated

4 May, 2011

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