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By Johnk

Tyne And Wear, United Kingdom Gb

I am looking for a plant for the corner of my garden. I would like a climber to cover a fence about 6 foot by 4 foot, lots of flowers, partial sun, good drainage, hardy, fast growing. Any suggestions would be appreciated



Hi John, I love climbing Hyrangea, beautiful bright green leaves and white flowers in summer, it's self climbing by it's own roots so you dont need a trelis, fairly fast growing too. If you google climbing Hyrangea you will be able to see what it looks like.

4 May, 2011


I agree that a climbing hydrangea Hydrangea Petiolaris is a really lovely self clinging climber but sometimes it can be very slow to get started and if you are unlucky it may stay quite small for a year or two or even longer before it really gets going.
There are so many beautiful clematis to choose from. Would that be one option maybe ?

4 May, 2011


I think the hydrangea would quickly get much too big for the area you have, once it has got established. One of those will cover an entire house wall in time. Honeysuckle would do(but would need keeping in check, as I've also seen that cover a cottage wall!) and yes, clematis also. Remember that most things that are hardy and fast growing don't necessarily stop growing when they reach the size you have in mind. If you get one of the later flowering clematis they are pruned very hard, so never get too big. Lots of climbing roses would do well there if you mulch them well - ask your nursery for advice about varieties or google the David Austin site (or any other rose grower) Rose and clematis together can look fantastic.

4 May, 2011


Thanks to everyone for advice. I'll have a good look at them all.

5 May, 2011

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