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I grow a lot of my own plants from seed and I find the transplanting on to bigger pots very time consuming. How big can I possible leave them in the original trays before repotting. Not sure if I repot to soon and then have to repot again. A lot of tobacco plants and asters I am growing have got second leaves on them.



welcome to one said it was easy :)

I would say pot them into cell insert trays you can get cheaply. 15 cell trays will be plenty big enough for most bedding plants sown early to mid april to planting out end of May.
Two leaves is a bit late as normally you transplant at the single leaf stage but don't leave them any longer.

3 May, 2011


It sure is time consuming. That's why its a lot cheaper to grow your own from seed! If you leave them too long in a small container they will get root bound and be less quick at growing away when you do repot. Also they will probably use up all the nutrients in the compost and stop growing. So sorry, get repotting!

3 May, 2011

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