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I have a conifer hedge surrounding my house, i have noticed that the hedge is becoming thin and brown in large parts of the hedge, there is a large quantity of ivy growing through the conifer and i would like to know is it too late for the hedge or should i start ripping out the ivy and treating the hedge back to life!! Help??



Welcome to GOY. You say conifers but which ones? Is it leylandii? It is an evergreen, very popular quick growing hedge, which is good for giving you privacy but can easily get out of hand. There is a disease going around which is causing the problem you describe, in Leylandii. It is not usual to use conifers for a hedge. Although your hedge may look bad it will be giving your garden some shelter and if you just haul it out you will change your microclimate within the garden quite drastically. A photograph would be helpful. I would never advocate growing ivy up or on other plants. They exclude light from the host plant which will eventually die.

3 May, 2011

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