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My Acer is wilting and i dont know what to feed it water is not enough



Is it outside or in a pot?

1 May, 2011


I'd echo Owdboggy's response and add some more queries - in full sun? How long have you had the plant?

1 May, 2011


Is it in a windy spot? Acers hate wind.

1 May, 2011


So you water it, and it still wilts? We definitely need more information: has it been repotted recently? What kind of soil is it in? Have you added soil on top of the original soil level?
Lack of food will cause new growth to stop, and older leaves to turn yellowish, but won't cause wilting. On the other hand, Acers in tubs do need feeding on a regular basis, and prefer an ericaceous plant food.

2 May, 2011

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