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I bought 42 begonia plug plants a few weeks ago and I potted them on and kept them in the greenhouse. They havnt grown at all and the leaves are dry and crispy, wht have I done wrong...the soil is moist and watered well.



Dry and crispy leaves suggests under watering. The lack of growth is possibly down to not repotting them - are they still in the original plugs? They need fresh soil and larger pots/put outside to grow.

28 Apr, 2011


Yes I put them in larger pots as soon as they arrived and they are well watered, the soil is always moist.

28 Apr, 2011


Could they have been frosted.I would dig one up and inspect the roots. Did you tease the roots out at all before planting them. Maybe they dried out somewhere else before you got them and that allowed the roots to die even though they looked healthy when you potted them on. Most companies will help if you alert them to the problem. Did you use multipurpose compost? How big were they? Did you get care instructions with them and did you follow that?

29 Apr, 2011

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