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Iv just planted some strawberrie seeds but didnt now I had to put the seeds in the frezzer will they still grow or will I have to start again



You don't need to put strawberry seeds in the freezer to stratify them. But it is a lot easier to buy a few plants and grow the runners on.

27 Apr, 2011


I've read that putting the seeds in a polythene bag then in the freezer from anywhere between 2 weeks to 3 months gives a far better chance of germination. Especially, Alpine strawberries. I grew them from seed and like you, didn't know that this should be done. However, mine are in their second year and coming along fine. Could you still use the 'freeze' method just in case your strawberries don't 'take'?

27 Apr, 2011


Fresh sown seed needs to stratification at all, i.e. seed you collect of a growing strawberry. If you have bought seed it 'may' help to put it in the fridge for a few weeks but not the freezer. Our alpine strawberries set runners all over the place...

27 Apr, 2011


Agree with MG. Any seeds put in a Freezer will just go dormant. Seeds which need a period of cold should be put in the Salad compartment of a Fridge after soaking. Dry seeds will do nothing.
I grew Strawbs from seeds a long time ago and they germinated just fine without a cold period.

28 Apr, 2011


Thanks for all ur info just have to wait an see what happens

28 Apr, 2011

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