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i have a twisted willow and my sister says i should remove it because the roots can grow under the house! is that right?



How close is it to the house and your drains Cornishlass? Willows can be little devils - their roots seek out moisture everywhere.

26 Apr, 2011


it'll be fine, as long as its planted 35/40 feet away from the house.

26 Apr, 2011


As bamboo has said, 10-12 metres away from houses and drains. They break drains as their roots are attracted by the moisture.

26 Apr, 2011


is this even the little ones? as in the grafted type you pick up for under £10?

26 Apr, 2011


You'll have to be clearer than that, Laurandben, if you want an accurate answer. If you mean the Kilmarnock Willow, that needs to be a minimum of 6 feet, preferably a bit more, away from a house.

27 Apr, 2011

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