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Zelkova serrata Kiwi Sunset
We bought this tree in January and it is already looking beautiful with its newly unfurled leaves. The label tells us that it has a semi-weeping habit reaching a possible height of 18ft in 10 years (currently 6ft). Does anyone know how this should be pruned if at all or could the longish 'sticking-out' odd branch be tied into a more weeping habit mainly to keep it from being damaged when walking past it - particularly as our garden open day is at the beginning of next month!
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When you bought the Kiwi Sunset it was probably pruned to allow you to get it home/be delivered. It will grow like a weeping Willow in a vase shape (thin trunk then the branches growing up and over and down), you can prune the branches if they get too long. They stay pretty compact. New growth leaves are a kind of brown in color that goes into a light green then yellowish in autumn before falling off. I would prune in spring but if they are in the way of a path then you can prune the branches shorter in that area.

Greenfly seem to love the leaves!

2 May, 2011


Thanks for the very full information Kildermorie, sorry not to have responded straight away, I've been suffering with migraines! I've pruned the couple of branches that were particularly coming out too far and it looks fine - it is a beautiful tree and we're looking forward to its weeping habit.

12 May, 2011

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