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Planting Montbetia that has begun to sprout!

Hello. Last year - at around October - my Nan cleared a section of low, soil-filled boundary wall which earlier had had Montbrecia growing along the top to absolutely stunning effect. I kept these plants in bags in a few inches of their soil while I decided what to do with them.
Now that I finally have somewhere to put them - and we are now talking April the following year! - I find that most of the Montbretia corms have sprouted with many having feeble-looking leaves around a foot long. The corms themselves look extremely healthy.

What is the best thing to do with these corms before planting?

I've been given conflicting advice by gardening friends; one says to simply wrap the sproutings around the bulb and plant away, and the other claims the best thing to do is to snip off any growth leaving only an inch or so above the bulb before planting. At least they both agree I should plant them...
What should I do, please?! And will they still bloom late this year?
Many thanks.



I would just plant them and water well, they are so tough nothing seems to kill them

25 Apr, 2011


Many thanks.

I'm sure you're right - they are pretty indestructible! The current sproutings are 'feeble' in that they are pale due to not having received much sunlight.

Are you suggesting I plant them with this sprouting above ground level? Will they die away with new growth coming up behind them?

What would happen if I trim them off first - will this aversely affect the plants? And if trimming is the 'best' thing to do, how close to the corms should I go - cut end above or below soil level?

This might seem obvious to many of you, but it should be coming clear I'm no gardener... :-(


25 Apr, 2011


I would plant some with shoots just above the ground and take some off. I am sure they will all resprout.

25 Apr, 2011


Drcs right, a bomb couldn't kill these plants, we had our front garden dug up 2 years ago and paving put down, new lawn etc, i dug the main border 5 times to make sure i got every bulb out!!! Did I, Did I heck, there's odd one's still pushing up through the lawn and border, Ill win one day lol..

25 Apr, 2011


I dig all mine up and they are back every year. They even came through 2 layers of weed suppressant.

25 Apr, 2011


OMG Drc, Tinacious little things :) I have red one's (Lucifer) in pots for the back garden, im not chancing them taking over there to..

25 Apr, 2011


I agree, just throw them on the ground and they'll grow - they're irrepressible. I don't think it matters whether you trim off the pale sproutings or leave them - these things are going to grow, whatever you do to them.

25 Apr, 2011


Ha ha - I'm getting the idea!

I appreciate all the replies, folks. Ta very much!

25 Apr, 2011

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