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I suspect crows are digging up my lawn, (grass), to find grubs. The holes they dig can be as much as 4/5 inches deep. How can I prevent them from doing this? I do not wish to harm the birds.
Thanks, in advance. Ced Green, West Kirby



Most likely leatherjacket infestation, hopefully not chafer grubs. You can buy a nematode solution to water onto the grass to kill them off, but it can only be used when the temperature is above about 60 deg. F. Nemesys make it I think, only available on the internet. Otherwise, try laying a sheet of thick plastic on the grass in the evening and then lift it up in the morning - you should see the leatherjackets on top of the grass, when you can pick them off, although if you've had no rain recently, this might not be successful.

25 Apr, 2011

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