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I've noticed that the new leaves on some of my plants are affected by what appears to be a rot


By Bendipa

Surrey, United Kingdom Gb

Strawberry Problem.

I've noticed that the new leaves on some of my strawberry plants are affected by what appears to be a rot, which starts from the edge of the leaves and works inwards killing the whole leaf eventually. I had this trouble last year which resulted in the death of nearly half my plants. The affected plants have been growing strongly and produced plenty of flowers.I can't see anything on the web which resembles the symptoms exactly, which seem to have suddenly shown up in the last 2 days.

The affected plants are all neighbouring ones in a trough. I have other strawberry plants in another container several feet away from the problem and so far they have not been affected. I've decided to spray the affected plants with systemic fungicide while the problem is in its early stages. I'm not sure whether the problem is soil or airborne. The photos of the symptoms are included.

Does anyone have any idea what the problem might be, please?

Many thanks,


Leaf1 Leaf2



I'm not at all sure what this is either, its none of the usual array of problems associated with strawberries. However, as you say they're all in the same area, I'd be inclined to change the soil, and if they're growing in a container, wash and sterilise the container before replacing with fresh compost. I'd also be inclined to bin the affected plants and put new ones in the newly cleaned container.

27 Apr, 2011

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