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Hi - I have a large backyard with not much but a few trees and a lot of not so great looking grass. Because I live alone, I would like to get rid of some grass and make an attractive gravel yard, in fact I would like to cut out 75% grass and add gravel. I don't know how to go about it, any advice would be greatly appreciated. I live in a norther community in Canada, so we have winters and it is quite cold then. Thanks



I have done this at the side of my garden. I removed the old lawn and put down two layers of weed control fabric and then covered to a depth of 4" I think I used 1inch size gravel? the size of gravel matters if its too small the cats will use it as a toilet. I put old railway sleepers as edging to contain the stones. I also planted 3 Junipers which have spread across some of it. I have never regretted doing it as it is maintenance free all I do is rake it in the spring.

23 Apr, 2011

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