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my plant shows sign of wilting,what can i do




you don't say where you are in the UK when you bought your Pieris or if it is in the ground or a container. Are you keeping it watered and is it in acidic to neutral soil?

23 Apr, 2011


Thank you for replying. I live in South Shropshire and the Pieris is a well established plant but i've only had it one year.I keep it in a container tub in John Innes Peat. I water it daily and feed it Growmore.
It survived well through the winter but then when the warmer weather and a sudden unexpected frost came it started to wilt. The foliage has turned pale brown and wilting. Is it too late to save it in your experience?

25 Apr, 2011


John Innes peat is not what you need to be growing a Pieris in. You need an ericaceous compost which, sadly, will probably include peat. Equally you do not need to water every dayHow often are you feeding with Growmore and why?

All that said if you had warm weather and then a frost the foliage is likely to dieback. Replant in the proper compost, water less, probably feed less. Our Pieris are in the ground, generally don't get any feed and only get watered if there has been no rain in well over a week.

The problem with peat is it retains the water and can literally drown the shrub!

25 Apr, 2011

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