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I have a number of hollies and other shrubs and small trees, all of which have done well for about 15+ years with simple feeding and pruning but many of the hollies have developed a black scaliness on the leaves and stems and I have been told this is the scale insect and advised to treat it with an appropriate spray, which I have done for the last three months - without any improvement and it is now spreading to the other shrubs. Some of the larger hollies have aready sickened and died and it may well be there is more than one problem here. I would like someone to examine the situation and tell me if it is saveable and how. I am very willing to pay the appropriate rates for such advice and help. I live in the Wigan area. You have my E-mail and my telephone, should it help, is 01942 32 42 09



Wigan, can I advise you to immediately edit your question and remove your personal details from the site - this site is accessible on the internet to anyone and everyone, so putting those details on here is like putting it on Google. If you want to give those details to individuals on here, this can be done via a personal message.

22 Apr, 2011


Now to deal with your query - what have you been using to treat the 'scale'? And any chance of a photograph of the problem?

22 Apr, 2011

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