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hi there, can you tell me if it is possible to take a cutting off my conifer bush or trees to grow new ones best regards archie

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Yes Archie, it is. When I take cuttings from any conifers, I use a 50 50 mix of multi purpose and grit. I spose you could use one of those expensive John Innes mediums, but I don't bother. I remove about a third of the growth at the bottom of a 3" - 6" twig and just stick them into a small pot. If I need to use any hormone help, I just stick it in a bit of honey.
I place several around the edge of the pot. they don't all take, but I normally get a 75% success. You'll know which have died as they will turn brown within a couple of months. They don't all root quickly. but they sit on a shelf in my polyt, get watered with everything else, but apart from that I leave them to it. They can take months to root, once rooted, I pot them on when there's signs of roots at the bottom of the pot. And depending on the variety they may take quite some time to grow into small trees.

25 Apr, 2011

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