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Will a mahonia standard from Jparkers be suitable for a 40 x 40 x 40 cm timer tub? I have made the planter myself, sawing wood. Their catalogue shown a standard Mahonia which I am very attracted to buying indeed. I would love to have a specimen planted there in that permanent spot. They state that its mature height will be 150 cm or so eventually, and 150 spread. Sounds very big. Will it have outgrowed my little 40-40-40 planter by then, or will it be suitable there as a permanent home in it? Can anyone advise me? J Parker themselves have simply replied "It will be suitable in a planter". Thier reply I felt was a little vague and unambiguous I suppose. Is there anyone else who can be more helpful in resolving for me? I would be so grateful to any kind person witht the experience. Best wishes, JONATHAN



I have a Mahonia from them-it will be fine in your pot. They prefer shade as they go leggy and red in the sun.

20 Apr, 2011


Fine in 40 x 40 x 40? Oh that is good news. Thank you for telling me that. Now I have a problem of having to think where to find shade for it. I think I only have a sunny site. Mahonias are rather shady things by nature aren't they. I used to have a standard Ilex in the same planter, same position, now needing to replace.

20 Apr, 2011


There are normally codes for money off at jparker - try GWM20 for 20% off. Do a search online. I have had no problems with them. The Mahonia is smallish as it has to fit in a box to be delivered. Mine has grown quite a bit since purchase a month or so ago. I put mine in a sunny-shade part of the garden, more sunny than I thought. It is doing fine, but is red where it the sun has got to it.

20 Apr, 2011


Don't expect a huge plant from Parkers - their prices are low because they send out small plants. Mahonias are very happy to be pruned - you can quite hard on it if it gets too big. After the flowers fade, you can cut to just above a leaf joint and it will sprout again quite happily

20 Apr, 2011


For a predicted width of 150 cm it will have to prune a lot. I will want to maintain a max width of just 50 or 60 cm. Chop, chop. Will it have to be taken out and pruned at the roots each winter also?

21 Apr, 2011


Probably not (unless it's trying to escape)

23 Apr, 2011

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