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By Ahb123

County Tyrone, United Kingdom Gb

Hi all I am really sorry for being unclear, i was typing on ablackberry and it sent before i gota chance to re read. I planted the bare roots prob, around the 6-8 inch depth mark. I put organic chicken manure pellets on bottom then little soil followed by the plant. The plants are 60-90 cm. Soil quality would be standard, mountain, soil. I think that type of Laurel is Portugese. ?? I from Northern ireland and weather has been good, very little rain, temp around 13-19oC I have the hedge covered in a mess matting and then fine pebbles. Some people have adviced to water well and other say the laurel dont like water and you can kill them. I have nearly 1000 bare roots planted and i need your help and advice so i dont loose them.



WATER WELL. It has been quite dry this year and all new plants need lots of water. You will not get frost damage from now on and should not have got any this winter either. Despite it's 'Portuguese' common name, it is pretty hardy. Do not add any more fertilizer for the moment. Water and water again.

19 Apr, 2011

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