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I have an Acer tree (dont know which kind) but it has a red acer and a green acer grafted onto the same central stem, it is around ten years old and the green acer is around sex feet tall the red acer is a small offshoot on the bottom of the plant.

The red acer is a-ok butg I am very worried about the green part. It has two branches which have come out in full leaf, but several of the larger branches are black and mottled, like a silver birch, not green and bamboo like. There are buds, but they do not seem to be unfurling, I have kept a close eye on it this past fortnight. Its a beautiful tree and I dont want to have to remove two thirds of it! Only around two main branches have produced leaves this far - should I wait longer?

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Your tree is most likely Acer platanoides 'Crimson King' or similar. Your 'green part' is the root stock which should not have been allowed to grow in the first place. The 'red piece' is what should be encouraged. If you wish to keep it green, the red will die out anyway. As to the branches, you should wait for another month or so.

19 Apr, 2011


blimey, if I'd bought Acer Crimson King or similar, I'd be really cheesed off with the green growth and would remove it immediately, right back down to the red growth which is supposed to be there. And keep removing anything which grows which is plain green. That should neatly take care of the disease problem as well, since the red part is healthy.

20 Apr, 2011

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