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Wrongly labelled dilemma.

A couple of weeks back I made an impulse purchase of an orange rhoddy (or so it was labelled). Its just started to bloom and it turns out its a very pale pink flower - nowhere near the orange it was supposed to be.

It was an impulse purchase on the basis of the colour and prior to planting I removed a hebe to provide sufficient space for it. Im obviously not happy with this situ nor would I be if I were just offered my money back should I return the plant.

As a result of this incorrect label, Ive had the effort of removing a shrub, planting the new one plus the time and cost to go back to the store and Im not sure if taking the plant back and getting a refund is recompense enough. (Grumpy old man syndrome is kicking in !!)

What options do I have ?

Thanks in advance



All the garden centres i visit have a statement saying that they'll refund every penny if a) the plant dies (conditions apply)
and b) you're unhappy with it.

As this was wrongly labelled (a thing which happens constantly because careless shopper put labels back in the wrong pot) i would think if you rang the place and explained they'd let you replace or refund it - i know a refund isn't what you want but they might be able to source another for you.

You definately need to speak to the retailer though, they can't help you if you don't chat to them.
I'd also approach them politely, leave your grumpy old man persona at home when you go :-)

19 Apr, 2011


I sympathise, you feel they should give you something for your time and trouble, just like I do when Tesco's overcharge and I have to drive back there to get a refund, right pain in the proverbial. But you know what, you've got a rhoddie - if you don't like it, then your only option is to dig it out and take it back and get a refund. Or dig it out and resite it somewhere you don't mind it being, and blow going back to the garden centre. Sometimes, you just have to accept and bite the bullet - there's no compensation to be had other than a full refund or replacement. I mean, even more annoying I think is if you buy on line - when this happens, yes, they might refund your money for the plant, but you have to pay the return delivery fee and they don't refund that. Same way you don't get your petrol money for having to go back to the garden centre...

19 Apr, 2011


I would ring them and explain the orange is infact pink. they may have the right one available for you. sometimes they offer goodwill gestures too. see if they can deliver to you too.

19 Apr, 2011


I bought an orange one a few years ago. an impulse buy. Stuck it in the shrubbery with a few other acid lovers. Ever since it has flowered it is a dark pink. I have tried feeding it with ericaceous, mulched with pine needle compost, whatever I do it makes not a scrap of difference it remains pink.

20 Apr, 2011


I think your first option is explain what has happened to the retailer. I bought a clematis several years ago from our local garden centre. It was not as labelled. I liked it anyway and as they are close I took a bit of it and went in and asked what it was. The owner told me and insisted I have the correct clematis. I explained I was happy with what i had so he insisted I take a refund. Another time I ordered potatoes from T&M. They sent an alternative because they had run out of what was ordered. I phoned them and explained I already had the variety they had sent and I did not want them. I was told to offer them to friends and I got a refund. People selling plants are often far more accomodating than other retailers and they are quite happy to accept they are no more perfect than the rest of us. Don't be afraid of complaining. I am sure they will want to keep you as a discerning customer. As a notice in one shop I visit says "if you are not happy with us TELL US not all your friends". We look forward to seeing you back to a cheery gardener soon.

20 Apr, 2011


Went back to the retailer today with a couple of photos of the plant - with one visibly showing the picture of the label claiming it was orange.

"Have you brought it back ?" they asked. When I replied that I had planted it, they just said to go and pick another one. Ive gone for a blue one this time (according to the label) so it will probably end up being yellow !!

30 Apr, 2011


LOL Nothing like living in hope Paul. I hope you have space for the second one. I am very pleased to hear they were so good about it.

30 Apr, 2011


In my experience the retailers are always good about it, offer and exchange or a refund and sometimes a little extra thrown in too.
I've always returned mine though - dug it out of the ground when i can see it's wrong.

It pays to go back to them and speak about it and here it was clearly the right thing to do - good news there Paulr.

1 May, 2011

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