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Hi all, I have just found this site and it's great. I have found some of the tips really useful so I thought I'd try out a question:
I want to grow "something" on a large NW facing wall at the side of my house. I want to improve the views for my neighbour. a bit of colour would really improve the views from next door. Any suggestions?



Hydrangea petelioralis is an interesting climber and may be worth investigating. Its deciduous but has attractive leaves and large white flowers in summer. We have one on a north facing wall and the nest box in there is occupied every year by robins or blue tits.

18 Apr, 2011


Parthenocissus henyrana is good for a very large wall as it is very vigorous, Hedera will do well but is boring. If you can give support, Clematis montana forms will do. Depends what you mean by large.

18 Apr, 2011


Morello Cherry will grow on a north wall, as will some shade tolerant roses and clematis.

19 Apr, 2011

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