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I have a small tree growing on edge of my lawn stands about 15ft high we cut further 5ft off the top last year to stop it going too high.
I have noticed that one of the roots has come through the surface of our lawn i think due to previous height of tree and wind buffering it making it lean over.
What do you suggest I do regarding the root thats showing above grass??
If i chop it out will it kill tree off which i don't want to do??
Regards Andy Carter



It would help to know what sort of tree it is - some such a flowering cherry and silver birch do produce some roots very near and sometimes above the surface. Without seeing the tree it would be difficult to say whether cutting the root would damage of destabilise it - could you post a photo?

Simply cutting the top off a tree to reduce the height isn't always a good idea. Unless it is done sympathetically it can result in very dense new growth that spoils the shape of the tree and within a few years you will be back where you started anyway. When we know what it is we can estimate how tall it would grow left to itself, so you can decide whether it is actually best kept or replaced with something that will grow naturally to the height you prefer. Not many trees stop at 15 feet.

17 Apr, 2011

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