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I planted a donut peach tree in November 2010 and cared for it as advised on information that came with the tree. It blossomed a couple of weeks ago but the blossoms are now dropping off leaving no sign of a fruit starting, would this be due to the extreme temperatures we had this last winter and also is it likely to produce fruit in the future? The leaves look very healthy.

Thankyou Beryl Rose



Two weeks before the blossom drops is normal - you won't be able to tell whether any fruitlets will form, but that rather depends on whether the flowers were pollinated - unpollinated flowers don't produce fruit. Not sure whether your tree needs a specialist pollinator or not, does it say in the instructions, or if not, google for info?

19 Apr, 2011


Sorry for delay but thankyou for your reply. I have a feeling the flowers weren't pollinated as there are still no signs of fruit forming. If we planted a small apple tree close by would that help with future pollination. The tree looks nice and healthy but it's a little disappointing to see no signs of fruit.

2 May, 2011


The only info I've been able to find on the pollination says its self fertile. Still needs bees or other insects to cart the pollen from flower to flower though.

2 May, 2011


Thankyou for your reply, I think there have been a lack of bees this year in our garden so suspect this is the cause. Hopefully we will have more luck next year as tree seems healthy.

5 May, 2011

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