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Once daffodils fail to flower in the second and/or subsequent years, will they ever flower again?



Hi Rmulshaw and welcome to Goy. Have you been cutting off the green foliage or tying it up in knots? The leaves need to be left for about six weeks after the bulb has flowered to die back naturally. The bulb needs the leaves to feed it to be able to produce the flower for the following year which sits in the middle of the bulb from then on until it comes to flowering time the following year. It is also good to give the bulbs a feed once a week during this time with half strength tomato food.

If you have been doing all the above i.e. letting the leaves be and feeding and you still aren't getting flowers then it is likely you are not going to.

16 Apr, 2011


If so, the site probably doesn't have enough sun, or the bulbs are too crowded. If you can correct those problems, they will probably start to bloom again two years after the correction.

17 Apr, 2011

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