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I have grown daffodils to cut in my veggie plot, now that they are finished, can I grow vegetables in the same patch if I remove them first, I have heard daffodils are poisonous, and wouldn't want my veggies to be lethal, many thanks jackie.



Hi Jackie

Firstly you need to let the leaves die back naturally to feed the bulb and produce the flower for next year. During this time water with half strength tomato food as this will give the bulb a boost. Once the leaves have died back you can lift and store until you replant in August/September. The fact that the daffodil is poisonous wont affect the veggies you grow there.

15 Apr, 2011


I have daffodils in my veggie plot. I grow them in a line at the edge of one of my beds. If you do as Moongrower says and feed and let the leaves die down you can leave them in for next year. Mine are quite deep and don't get in the way of anything sown near them.

15 Apr, 2011


They are probably so deep by now Marshmallow you'd need an excavator to find them lol!

15 Apr, 2011

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