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Hi i am asking this question for a friend of mine who has a cordyline plant a couple of years old he said that it floweredlast year and it now looks to be dead.
Smeone told him that once these plants flower they die ,sorry i can not give you any more details ,but any useful tips on growing these plants would be use full.



Welcome, Samjoe!
The good news is that Cordylines don't die after flowering. The bad news is that it probably got damaged in the very hard winter than the UK just experienced. It may still sprout: I would feed it lightly with a balanced fertilizer--say, 16-16-16--to encourage new growth, and let it be until it sprouts. I would give it until at least midsummer, and it may just sprout from the base. Once it sprouts again, just cut off the dead trunk shortly above where it is sprouting. The damage frequently results in a multiple trunk tree of great character. Your friend is not alone: about every third question on this site lately has been about frozen Cordylines! : )

14 Apr, 2011


I would tell them to watch last weeks gardeners world - think you should find it on iplayer. They had a big bit on Cordylines - I'm sure they did anyway :)

14 Apr, 2011


Yes it was on last weeks episode, I watched it on i.player myself and the cordyline that had died off in that ladies garden was huge, Joe chopped it back and said it would grow from the bottom.

14 Apr, 2011

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